I work with several schools to provide after school clubs and have even provided PE lessons for their students.

Fencing is a rewarding and physically active sport based on the ancient art of duelling. Fencing rewards both physical ability and internal problem solving skills. Fencing requires concentration and discipline, and it’s a great sport for children to learn to improve their strength, keep fit and it can be enjoyed as a fun hobby or as a competitive sport.

I specialise in teaching children of all abilities. I take children with no prior experience in fencing and develop them in to performance fencers.

Here at SSC we are committed to the development of school sports, and the health and wellbeing of school children. With the New DCMS Sport Strategy and recently released Obesity Strategy; we understand and hit all of the key criteria laid out by Government, and Ofsted, for Physical and Emotional Health, along with Personal and Community Development.

What can Stuart Smart Coaching offer your school?

  • Syllabus created specifically to fit the New DCMS Sport Strategy
  • A central satellite club to allow you to engage with community and families
  • Proven success with partially engaged or disengaged groups
  • Curriculum PE development
  • Hits all of the key criteria laid out by Government for Physical and Emotional Health
  • A legitimate spend of the PE Premium
  • Great intervention for behavioural and emotional difficulties
  • Highly inclusive of all students

The maximum number of students per club is 14, but you can run sessions back-to-back. You can have more than 14 students in one session if you have more than one coach.

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